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What is Waking Lions Hypnosis?

Did you know most common uses of hypnosis are for remembering experiences, pain management, breaking/creating new habits, or ridding yourself of insomnia? Because that is what world renowned Dr. Clifford Lazarus, world authority MMT, of Psychology Today tells us.


The Mayo Clinic says, Hypnosis is also referred to as hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion using verbal repetition and mental images for focus and concentration. 

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Hi, I’m MJ Brewer of Waking Lions Hypnosis. Through my own experiences with hypnosis, I have come to discover how unbelievably life changing hypnosis can truly be, from ceasing smoking, weight management, phobias, or perhaps gaining the confidence everyone else sees. In an effort to understand how important the role of hypnosis should be in your life, below are some key factors you can anticipate from a session with a trained and certified professional such as myself.

  • Get immediate results even if willpower has previously failed you

  • Receive a customized experience rather than some memorized one-size-fits-all script

  • Learn rapid self-hypnosis strategies so you can take control, and perhaps put me out of a job. 😉

  • Afterwards, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the world

So, if now you feel as if it's time to stop considering your issue and get to work on solving it like so many others before you, I'm guessing that's exactly why you're here. You are indeed ready for the next step.


Go ahead, be brave, be strong, be true to you, and let’s get roaring! 

Neither regret
your past
nor fear
your future

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