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What is Waking Lions Hypnosis?

Waking Lions Hypnosis provides assistance for your needs from a certified hypnosis consultant. MJ has qualifications in removing your mental stressors, as well as any personal milestones you need to achieve in your life, whether working or relaxing. Learning so much about your mental wellbeing and your abilities, you will never be the same--and you would rather not be the same anyway. Isn't changing for the better the reason why you're here? 😉 

What MJ discovered was that through using an intense concentration of guided meditation throughout different stages in her life, otherwise known as hypnosis, she initially overcame smoking and agoraphobia. Later, after painstakingly trying to cease her habitual nail-biting, which she had done her entire life, she stopped in one night. MJ currently uses self-hypnosis in weight control and management. If you need a gentle push in acquiring your goals, and having them easily stick, you have come to the right place. MJ's thorough understanding of what can be accomplished by the brain's subconscious, simply by believing it to be true, has proven life-changing for the people who have temporarily invited her into their mind-altering space.


Hypnosis is not the cure-all, end-all, but many times it constitutes as a "shortcut" to many time-consuming and expensive therapies. The big question is -- is hypnosis for you?

MJ's certifications at AIHCP, JDH Academy, MHHA, and ICBCH are just the beginning, as she loves learning what she enjoys most--helping others with her skills of hypnosis.

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